Mr Mem Fox Makes Me Sick

I found out today that Mem Fox’s husband is refusing to pay the $10000 criminal injuries compensation claim to his victim.

If you don’t know about this awful offence committed against a student by Fox when he was the boy’s teacher, some of the details are here.

This case sickens me and I feel almost ill when I remember the times I’ve read the books of Mem Fox, and read words to my son when he was a young child. I know it’s the husband who committed this awful abuse of his position of power over a student, but I still think it’s disgusting.

I can imagine terrible scenes where Fox used his position as the spouse of this much loved writer for children, and it makes me sick. I hope that one day this victim, Craig, is able to find a kind of peace. I hope one day Malcolm Fox realises the terrible thing he has done, and acknowledges his guilt.

The courts found him guilty and gave him a suspended sentence. I think it’s time he was made to realise what an awful thing he has done. I don’t always agree with locking people up in prison, but I think this time it should be done.

Will he get away with this, or will his dual position as the husband of the beloved Mem Fox and father of the South Australian MP Chloe Fox get him off? Another terrible miscarriage of justice.



26 thoughts on “Mr Mem Fox Makes Me Sick

  1. I must say I was shocked when I read about this BUT my shock probably pales into insignificance when put beside that of his wife and daughter.

    why this wasn’t brought up before I don’t know

    1. Ten Fingers and Ten Toes – has this author never heard of thalidomide? What an insult to the unfortunate sufferers of this morning sickness drug that their unsuspecting mothers took.

      Must be nice to live in a perfect world Mem Fox, I am ashamed that the Australian Govt could even consider such a gift, especially from the likes your family.

  2. One of the detectives in the Sex, Crimes Investigation Unit was quoted as saying he had never, in his 40yr career knicking paedophiles, had ever seen a teacher convicted of child abuse receive a suspended sentence. Political influence? Just maybe…

    1. Well I think someone needs to start asking some questions here!

      Mr Mem Fox was gone to for help. A 16-17 year old sexually assaulted young man who is confused and bewildered needed HELP – Mr Mem Fox is hiding behind the skirts of his wife and daughter. Shame on you.

  3. I too was shocked but even more shocked to learn that Mr Mem Fox is the primary carer of his two year old grandson. How can DOCS allow a convicted sex offendr to be a primay carer of any child. WHat is Mem doing letting that grub take her to bed in the marital bed where he sexually assaulted the young man ???? Is she nuts?? CHloe you need a new babysitter.

    1. If there is more information out there about this situation that makes it OK for this to happen, I’d like to know what it is. As it looks right now, this is WRONG!

      Children should be protected from people like Malcolm Fox, not handed to them!

      1. Quite right. It is on the MEM FOX Blog that ” Malcolm” looks afer the child in the afternoon ad it was reported in the Newspapers during the trial that he was the primary carer and I think that was one of the excuses to have bail continued.


  4. How the Judge determined that Fox deserved a suspended sentence is beyond me! Why?? The guy accused the kid of assaulting him, lied in court and continues to deny his guilt. Yeah, let’s suspend his 4yr sentence lock, stock and barrel. WTF!? Great message to the community… not!

    1. This still makes me angry. Malcolm Fox is showing no remorse, he is completely rejected the idea that he was guilty of anything bad, and blamed the victim. I feel so sorry for the victim, and wish him all the best for the rest of his life.

  5. Simply, I had 2 Mem Fox books at home that used to be treasured.
    I have since ripped them to pieces and put them in the bin. I don’t want my son growing up reading them any more. Sure, it might have been Malcolm Fox who did the abuse of the teenager, but for Mem and their daughter to stand by his side during this all makes me just as sick. He should be in jail where he belongs, it is obviously due to his ‘mates’ that he is not.

    1. I feel sorry for Mem Fox and Chloe Fox too. The look on Mem’s face on the news, as she was walking from the courts with the smirking Malcolm showed she was feeling pain.

      Not as much pain as victims of this kind of abuse were feeling though, I don’t think.

      I was told recently that more Mem Fox books than ever before were ending up in op shops, as people rid their homes on the ‘Fox’ name.

  6. Of course he’s maintaining his innocence – it’s what they do. They are master maninpulators. He took advantage of a vulnerable young man in his care, now he’s lying to those he says he loves. He’s probably convinced himself he’s innocent! An example should have been made of him. How is it he didn’t even get home detention? Shameful.

    1. Indeed June, it seems there is a real need to continue to ask these questions. Had political influence come into it? Does Malcolm Fox hold sway over important others? This man has shown not the slightest hint of remorse, and indeed continues to protest his innocence.

      This shouldn’t be left alone, these questions must be answered, and justice must be done!

      1. Indeed it should! Tell that to the A-G and DPP – the ‘victim’ and the police appealed to them to appeal Fox’s lenient sentence but nothing was done. As soon as Fox knew they weren’t going to appeal against his suspended sentence he dropped his appeal against his conviction knowing that if it went to trial again he would risk going to jail for a second time, so he cut his losses. The law is an ass! Why put victims through the trauma of going to court and all that involves if perpetrators go unpunished?!

  7. I cant beleive that you could be found guilty of sexually assaulting anyone let alone a student that he had care of and not have to serve time in prison. Am I missing something ????? What message is being sent to other paedophiles. I thought the law is set up to deter offenders. Not in this case. Is the judge responsible for this decision or is it the South Australian Government who make the law???????????????????

  8. Personally, I believe rehabilitation is better than just locking an offender up. But when a convicted offender denies their guilt, and doesn’t do any time, then I think a prison sentence is needed. I don’t know what Malcolm Fox’s suspended sentence consists of, whether he has to stay away from children, see a parole officer etc.
    If there isn’t anything at all, then that’s so wrong. I’ll do some research in it.

    1. Fox should bury his head in shame! Karma will catch up with him even if the law was soft on him in the face of whatever mad logical the Judge used to excuse his criminal behaviour and suspend his sentence.

    2. He doesnt even have to stay away from children becuase he looks after his daughters child while she is at work. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Well actually there is something you can do. Call the S>A. Docs and report him or ask how come a convicted child sex offender is allowed to be the primary carer of a two year old boy ! I am sure the child is a boy not a girl but it does not matter. He is not a fit and proper person to look after a child.

      2. Hi Karen,
        I’m ashamed to say I don’t feel strong enough to make that phone call. I can only hope someone is keeping an eye on the situation. That’s a poor excuse, I know. I’m sorry.

  9. GD, It is with great pleasure that I nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Your blog has been inspirational to me as I wander this path.

    Please see my blog for guidelines on how to accept the nomination.

    Happy New Year and thank you for writing with Heart and Courage,

    XXX Jen

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