Is the Entire World Against Women and Girls?

I’ve just finished reading this article and I wonder what on earth can be done to turn this around? When sister turns against sister, then you know there’s still so much work to be done.

Women and girls have for many many years, had to fight against the false assumptions made about them by men who want to hold women back. But when the entire world, or our western part of it anyway, turns against successful women, both the other man and women too, then we surely should realise it’s time to fight back.

Women have proven, over and over again, that they are at least as good as, if not better than men, at many things. Riding a racehorse, managing a company, running a country, women have done it. But it’s still held as a ‘shock horror – that’s incredible’ news story when these things happen.

I dream of the day when these kinds of things are finally taken as the norm and not highlighted as being out of the ordinary. We’re still a long way from that time. Any woman who achieves any position of power knows she will be criticised for the way she looks, dresses, speaks. A man can just get on with doing a good job, he’ll never be put in the position of having to defend himself for his appearance.

While women put up with this kind of stupid and demeaning behaviour happening to other women, you know that feminism still has a terribly long way to go. I applaud all of the many women who are out there achieving things, and I wish I could make others see the greatness of what you’ve done in the face of so much irrelevant rubbish you’ve have to wade through to do your work.

A woman should always be judged as what she is, and not be automatically cast as a sex object. What a woman looks like shouldn’t have anything at all to do with whether or not she can do her job, unless her actual job demands that she looks attractive.

There are so many men out there in positions of power who are fat and ugly, or plain and ordinary looking. The looks of these men are very rarely even mentioned, whereas these points would be the main item talked or written about with a women. Stop it!

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