What Are We Doing To Our Children?

I was at a Tupperware Party earlier today, with some other women, almost all of whom were mothers. There was a little girl there of perhaps four years of age. She was dressed nicely and appropriately, and seeing her there prompted a conversation about the sorts of clothes some little girls were.

This dear child looked like a little girl, not a junior slut, and we commended her mother for the way her daughter was dressed. So many girls who are certainly under the age of sixteen dress like they’re whores, putting their body ‘out there’. I’m the mother of a son, not a daughter, but I’d like to think if my boy had been a girl, I would have helped the child to stay a child for as long as possible.

Other mothers though have different ideas. I’m not saying children shouldn’t be allowed to get involved in what to wear, but I question the thoughts and motives of parents who buy inappropriate clothing for their children to choose from. Let children be children, that’s what I think.

If you have thoughts on this subject, I’d love you to get involved in this discussion!