This is a story that must be told, and told, and told again.

I just found this article when it was posted on Facebook. It makes my heart ache to read these words. I know this girl’s story, I lived it, in part, I’m so lucky that I have and had good family who cared for me, and helped me to grow the resilience I’ve needed to continue to grow emotionally.

So many children suffer at the hands of so many adults, who are quick to point the finger of blame at the ones they should have been protecting. When society joins this finger pointing at the victims, the children, what hope is there?

Please, read the article and consider the words. Children are children, no matter how adult they may appear. Be a responsible adult and consider the best needs of the children…


Abused girls can be to blame

Have you read this article? I just did, and it makes me feel sick. Yet again, adults get away with rape by blaming the victim. Is it really that difficult to get this one right? Children are children and should be treated as such by adults. It doesn’t matter how adult a child seems to be, they are children until they reach adulthood.

If an adult knows a child is a child, then hands off, no questions about it. It doesn’t matter what that child does or says, hand off. I shake my head and wonder why these, usually men, can’t understand this. 

Keep your grubby hands off these silly children, and leave them to be children…

A Magistrate? Terrible news!

I heard/saw this story on the news today. 

Magistrate admits to sexually abusing boys in the 1980’s

It made me so sad that someone whose job in part is to help victims to find justice, would do this terrible thing.

I hope this man spends his time in prison thinking about his poor victims, and is ashamed and deeply sorry for what he has done. I can’t imagine how anyone could possible think this is something they should do. 

What hope is there in our world when a magistrate will do this terrible thing? The only hope is that there are many more people who can see the wrongness of this man’s actions, and speak out against it.

Let children be children.