Mr Mem Fox Makes Me Sick

I found out today that Mem Fox’s husband is refusing to pay the $10000 criminal injuries compensation claim to his victim.

If you don’t know about this awful offence committed against a student by Fox when he was the boy’s teacher, some of the details are here.

This case sickens me and I feel almost ill when I remember the times I’ve read the books of Mem Fox, and read words to my son when he was a young child. I know it’s the husband who committed this awful abuse of his position of power over a student, but I still think it’s disgusting.

I can imagine terrible scenes where Fox used his position as the spouse of this much loved writer for children, and it makes me sick. I hope that one day this victim, Craig, is able to find a kind of peace. I hope one day Malcolm Fox realises the terrible thing he has done, and acknowledges his guilt.

The courts found him guilty and gave him a suspended sentence. I think it’s time he was made to realise what an awful thing he has done. I don’t always agree with locking people up in prison, but I think this time it should be done.

Will he get away with this, or will his dual position as the husband of the beloved Mem Fox and father of the South Australian MP Chloe Fox get him off? Another terrible miscarriage of justice.



Who says Australia is a Clever Country?

It was a writing quite a few decades ago, actually. I’m not real good with history, but I believe he was being satirical. The terms been used many times since, seriously, not so seriously and politically.  I’ve been challenged by a friend to write a poem about a terrible story about a man name Marlon Noble.

I read about this man’s terrible story early last week, on Facebook. I know many interesting people on Facebook, people more learned or educated than me, often. People though who share ideas in politics with me.

Marlon Noble’s story is about alleged child abuse, racism, ignorance and terrible miscarriages of justice. I’m shocked, but know I shouldn’t be shocked, that stories like this one still occur in our Clever Country. Marlon Noble was accused of sexual abuse, and the whole thing went from bad to worse at that moment.

If you want to read the awful story, look here. It’s not a pretty story, and it should get you thinking deeply about what kind of country you wish to live in. I have deep feelings about child abuse, having been abused at a child, but I have even deeper feelings about justice.

I’ve read online that this poor man is going to be released now, but it seems like it’s far, far too late. Australia has a very long way to go before we could ever truthfully be called a Clever Country. I hope Marlon is able to find a life worth living, after he is released from prison.