Why Feminism is Relevant

No matter your gender or sexuality, Feminism matters. Woman, man, child, hetero, gay in between or over the edges, it is all relevant, and feminism is involved in them all. Where the power is, determines where the money is. In this time, the people with the power are still mostly white men is suits, usually at least publicly straight.

If you’re not of their cohort, you aren’t going to get the some money they’re getting. The gap between worker and boss, privileged and underprivileged grows ever wider, and the number of people clamping down on those who have little, grows. The ‘haves’ have more and more and more and the ‘have-not’s have less and less and less …The media often portrays the latter group as losers who should do more, while they may like to do more, but don’t have the skills and/or money to actually do it.

When one of the groups is women who have not, you know that Feminism still has a long way to go. Yes, there are now female CEOs of companies, and female politicians in the world, but the numbers are still massively low compared to males in the same roles. And please don’t tell be the men are better qualified than the women! When you see the huge messes man have done to people and to the world, you can see many men with their ‘qualifications’ weren’t worth a thing …

Women work fewer paid hours than men, but many more unpaid hours. ¬†Parenting should be a shared occupation in a two parent family, but figures show that even in a household with the female parent working full time and the male parent not working, the female parent still does a lot of ‘parenting’, while if the genders are reversed, the male parent does barely any actual parenting in comparison to what the female parent would have done.

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While these inequalities continue, you know that Feminists still have much work to do. Governments still have work to do, the people all have much more work to do. Women can do almost every job men can do, men can do almost every job women can do – why is that large gap between what the genders earn? Sexism may not be the only reason, but you can’t convince me it isn’t a major reason.

And this gap between the power levels between men and women is nothing compared to the healthy well off people and disabled people. Those ‘lucky’ enough to be eligible for the Disability Support pension get some assistance, and some are able to get paid work, but the situation can still be very bleak for many. When you add in vulnerable children and domestic violence, the scene becomes even bleaker.

Feminism, Ageism, Racism, Sexism, Abilitism, will those who claim to run this country do much to help with all of these problems? Or will it be left to the good people who get derided for being ‘Do-gooders’, as if doing good things for others is a bad thing. I am proud to do good things for people when I can. How about you? Are you also a proud Do-gooder?


Who says Australia is a Clever Country?

It was a writing quite a few decades ago, actually. I’m not real good with history, but I believe he was being satirical. The terms been used many times since, seriously, not so seriously and politically. ¬†I’ve been challenged by a friend to write a poem about a terrible story about a man name Marlon Noble.

I read about this man’s terrible story early last week, on Facebook. I know many interesting people on Facebook, people more learned or educated than me, often. People though who share ideas in politics with me.

Marlon Noble’s story is about alleged child abuse, racism, ignorance and terrible miscarriages of justice. I’m shocked, but know I shouldn’t be shocked, that stories like this one still occur in our Clever Country. Marlon Noble was accused of sexual abuse, and the whole thing went from bad to worse at that moment.

If you want to read the awful story, look here. It’s not a pretty story, and it should get you thinking deeply about what kind of country you wish to live in. I have deep feelings about child abuse, having been abused at a child, but I have even deeper feelings about justice.

I’ve read online that this poor man is going to be released now, but it seems like it’s far, far too late. Australia has a very long way to go before we could ever truthfully be called a Clever Country. I hope Marlon is able to find a life worth living, after he is released from prison.