I am many things. Wife, mother, dog enthusiast, writer, poet and someone who cares about others. I have created this blog to connect with people who may be hurting, from living years with a secret. I have also had a secret, but soon my secret will be a secret no more.

I was one of the many adults who were sexually abused as children. I suffered for it, but now I’m better. Creative writing has been my saviour, and now I want to help others. To facilitate this, I am starting this blog, to give a place for others to come and rest, and also to let people know more about what I am doing.

I have spent time writing on the theme of abuse, and have now put my first poetry collection together. I am available to speak to groups about my experience, and am also interested in running creative writing workshops to help give abuse victims the right to own their story.

Writing about the bad things can be a powerful form of therapy. I’m living proof of that!


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  1. Good on you for starting this blog. I would like to bring your attention to a group newly formed in Sydney called SAMSN that you and your readers may not know about = http://www.samsn.com.au We would appreciate it if you could post some info RE our group if you’re happy to.

  2. I just read your comments on Margaret’s facebook page. I was a victim of physical, not sexual abuse and spent many years in therapy coming to terms with my childhood.

    I too use writing as a means of dealing with life’s traumas, and life’s joys. If you go to the “about page” on my blog you will see a very condenced version of my story. I’ve given writer’s workshops on grief and at the end of the month I’ll be presenting a workshop to a group of psycholgists and students who work with people suffering chronic and terminal illness.

    I now suffer from a couple of chronic illnesses and each hospital admission brings with it flashbacks to my abusive childhood and boarding school days. Since the sudden death of my husband I’ve found this very difficult to deal with and I now have a wonderful health psychologist who advocates for me. It was she who has encouraged me to present this writer’s workshop as she believes my poetry and experiences have value for both patients and professionals. I realise writing isn’t the way for everyone, but for many it can be a wonderful coping mechanism.

    I think what you have to offer is valuable and I hope you find a mentor who will help make your writer’s workshops a reality.

    Warm regards

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Tricia. I lived with my half hidden memories from my childhood and teenage years, and then through creative writing moved on to a much safer space to be. I love to share my story and my poetry collection with those who I feel may find comfort from my words. I hope the Gillard government are able to reach out to every Australian who has been abused, and encourage them to speak out. Sharing stories can do so much good…

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