Healing the Damaged Ones

We can be damaged in our lives in many, many different ways. Sometimes the damage is external, sometimes it is internal. Nature can damage us, the crazy thoughts we have can damage us by making us not take adequate of ourselves, or convince us to damage ourselves in other ways. Other people can damage us, on purpose or accidentally.

We fall over, catch diseases, have car accidents, get sporting injuries, so many ways to be damaged. Getting over the damage, any damage, can take time. And sometimes we may not realise there is psychological damage there too, that gets missed as we concentrate on healing our physical damage. If you are healed of the physical, but are still feeling low, you must certainly look at any other ways you may be hurting.

Visiting your medical advisor is always a good idea it you are hurt. They heal our physical aches and pains, and they can point us toward the other medical people available, the ones who cure our mental ills, or at least try to. When all of this is happening, there are ways we can help ourselves, ways that are not instead of the ways provided by others, but things we can do at home, by ourselves, if and when we have quiet times.

write yourself well flyerI’m speaking here of Narrative Therapy, where we can try to write out way to wellness. I have been involved in presenting workshops in this method, as well as applying these ideas to my own mental aches and pains. I have two blogs that refer in part to some of these ideas, the first is this blog, where I refer to sexual abuse and healing from it, the second is another blog of mine, which refers to Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic illness I was diagnosed with back in 2010.

Writing Ideas & Journal Prompts

The following ideas and writing prompts are great ways to continue your journaling practice or to get yourself “unstuck” if you’re not sure what to write about next.

For instance, you could try the five writing exercises from this website

  1. Writing a letter to yourself
  2. Writing letters to others
  3. Writing a poem
  4. Free writing (just writing everything that comes to mind)
  5. Mind mapping (drawing mind maps with your main problem in the middle and branches representing different aspects of your problem)


Some of my own ideas, which I have done myself, and felt good from include simply writing a list of the things I am grateful for, every day, for a while. This makes me pay better attention to my life, and opens my eyes to the good things that are out there, waiting for me to see them.

Another idea I’ve had, that I haven’t actually used yet, but am a little bit excited about, is the idea of writing a shopping list for the things I want or need for a better life. This list can be a list of real things that you can buy in a shop, like chocolate, or new curtains, or it can be a list of more metaphysical things, including perhaps ‘better ideas’, smiles from strangers, or a bank balance that never gets to zero.

Exercises like these can help us, maybe not in ways that are immediately obvious, but it ways that can assist in shifting our thoughts from constantly gloomy ones, on to more positive thoughts. What do you think? I am hoping to be working with people on these kinds of things, with the intent of helping them, as I have in the past. If you have any other ideas, I’d love to hear them, leave a message!


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