Rape, the Question of Fault, Again …

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So, whose fault is it, when someone is raped? Does that question really need to be asked? An analogy for you. If I had an expensive watch and someone took it from me without my consent, would that be my fault?

If you say no, not my fault, what about if I was out at night and I was drunk? My fault then? I don’t think so. What if I was flashing my super expensive watch around so everyone could see it? Still not my fault if someone forcibly or without permission takes it. It’s still theft, surely. The only thing I’m guilty of is stupidity perhaps, because there will always be people who steal things, just as there will always be rapists.

We can’t all lock ourselves away though. We all have lives to live,and the right to make our own decision on the way we wish to live our lives. It makes as much sense to ban men from going out to prevent rape, as it does to ban women from doing it..


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