NaWriMoPo Day 5 thanking life for giving me this poem

Another day of things happening, and I was thinking about what today’s poem would be. I feel my mind is more open to what might become a poem, and I thank life for handing me three different things that turned into a poem, or at least the kernel of an idea for a poem, over tea tonight.

And then a visit outside, and seeing something I’ve seen many times before, clicked, and the poem has now been written. It may be good, it may be rubbish, it doesn’t matter, it’s written, and I now have a written record of some things that happened today.

This is the poem:


Man versus Nature


I heard of a ‘cat fight’, witnessed by many –

two women brawling at the checkout.

My friend tried in vain not to look.


I heard of a robbery in a quiet country town –

two white men being bad.

I ached at innocence lost.


I watched a black beetle tip over and over,

as has happened many times before,

still working to get up again.


I marvelled anew at Man v Nature –

only one of them worthy of respect. 

Nature wins this battle, every time.




4 thoughts on “NaWriMoPo Day 5 thanking life for giving me this poem

  1. Oops, this blog post was supposed to be on my other blog, which is all about something quite different, how embarrassed am I? Very embarrassed, that’s how embarrassed!

    Thank you for your positive comment, Marilyn. This was one of those poems that felt good to write, and I wasn’t too concerned about how it would go with my readers. I’m glad you liked it, and thank you very much for helping the poem come into being, with your Facebook post about the cat fight!

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