Day 4 NaWriPoMo

I actually wrote this poem last night, but I’ve done more editing, and I’m calling it my poem for the day. 


I think it was a skink, That scuttled

across the path, as i made my way,

to newsletter’s next delivery point.


The creature vanished under one

of the rose bushes, lining the way

from road to council office.


The copies are delivered now,

my work done, Conversation regarding

the new look of the newsletter



I’d delivered, over. We’d marvelled

at the colour, where black and white

had always been.


Now I’m somewhere else entirely,

Half listening to the entertainment,

But remembering, and wishing


I’d taken a snap of that skink,

to grace next month’s front page

in glorious colour.


4 thoughts on “Day 4 NaWriPoMo

  1. Carolyn, take comfort in the fact you are not the first, and you won’t be the last to make a mistake when learning how to use
    some new software. It’s just a bugger the world seems to see it, along with you. I say this as I am about to develop my own blog, and fear I will surely do the same. Battle on… Haydn

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