Poetry Reading – from my poetry collection

Today I had the opportunity to read a few poems from, and talk about my poetry collection, ‘damaged children, Precious Gems. The event was at the Disability Information and Resource Centre, as part of their 30th birthday celebrations.

I was one of three writers who are clients of the SA Writers Centre Disability Writer in Residence program, who were asked to read some of their work. This program is funded by a grant from the Richard Llewellyn Arts and Disability Trust. It helps people with disabilities with furthering their writing, and many of the clients have been able to publish books, when they may never have had chance to do that without the program.

I spoke with a person from the DIRC while I was there, and I hope it leads to something at the Centre next year. I am firmly of the opinion that creative writing can be therapeutic for people who’ve experience trauma in their lives. I feel my creative writing helped me to move on from being a ‘victim’ to being a ‘survivor’ from child sexual abuse. 

I would love to be able to assist others to make their own journey along that rocky path, from victim to survivor. Do you ever find help from writing down the crap from your life, and getting rid of it?


4 thoughts on “Poetry Reading – from my poetry collection

  1. You’re doing wonderful work, Carolyn and so are the people supporting you. An anthology of people’s pathways from victim to survivor would be a real asset to the community. Poetry, all writing, is therapeutic

    1. I completely agree with you John – trauma, illness, disability, divorce, grief – we can be hurt in so many ways. Writing about it can help. Sharing stories is an age old way to heal the hurt. Having your story properly listened to can help. Knowing you’re not ‘the only one’ can help.
      I’m a member of a Peer Support group for people in Gawler and nearby who are living with Multiple Sclerosis – this group is full of wonderful people living the best lives they can. It’s fun and sad and happy and energising!

  2. how many people are there in Gawler and surroundings with Ms? it seems on casual observation that the numbers are increasing but ststistics may disprove this hopefully

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