How Can These Things Happen?

The idea that people in charge of the safety of children can be paedophiles fills me with horror. There should always be ways to make sure things like happened in this case never happen.

In an ideal world this would never happen, but every day one sees things that prove this is far from being a perfect world…



One thought on “How Can These Things Happen?

  1. These things don’t just happen because of beaurocratic bungles, the last paragraph is a reflection of the failure of our justice system to deal with Child Sex Offenders appropriately. A three year good behaviour bond for the aggravated assault of two minors, who will have scars forever? What a slap in the face for the victims and their families. We also need to lose the idea of rehabilitating these criminals – they will repeat their crimes whenever and whereever possible because they are sick, sick, sick “human beings” (I use the term loosely). Life in a tent city prison I say

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