On being Interviewed on film for the first time.

I did something this morning, something I’ve never done before – I had an interview by a student doing Film & Television at Uni. My name was suggested by the student’s father as being a suitable person. Fun – there were three of them, filming the hotel where we did the interview, and filming and me. These three young people were polite and respectful, and well as seeming to be knowledgeable in dealing with all of the equipment they used.

The interview has been edited and put on You Tube now – it’s here!

I answered questions about my poetry collection, ‘damaged children Precious Gems’, and talked about my current writing project, which is a memoir about my new life, living with MS (multiple sclerosis). I enjoyed doing this for a variety of reasons.

The first reason is I think it’s important to talk about these kinds of personal things. If I can reach out with my story, and get them to talk to others who understand, then they can be helped. Talking about bad things that have happened to you can help you to build strength in yourself. It can help you to build a network of others who can help to support you too.

I encourage people to reach out to victims and survivors and help them or let them to help you. People love to help people – it’s a human thing that should be encouraged and practised whenever possible. I encourage people to use creative writing too, whether it’s writing a journal, poetry, non fiction or anything else. Narrative therapy is a recognised method of assisting people to understand the importance of their own personal story.


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