Heard a Good Rape Joke Recently?

The headline to this post may be offensive to you. If so, I’m glad, it was supposed to be offensive. I recently read an article that made me think and rethink. This is the article.

At first I felt angry at the stupidity and arrogance of the whole idea, Then I felt a kind of awakening within, when I realised the terrible extent of this. Rape is never funny. It may seem funny to some, they may laugh at the jokes, but they’re being covertly damaged as human beings as they laugh.

I read the comments that went with the article, and only read one which showed rape jokes that I found, if not laugh out loud funny, then at least amusing in an ironic way. The jokes was purported to be Sarah Silvemann’s work. Knowing what I know of her life and work, I feel she has the right for jokes such as these.

Rape isn’t funny. Rape isn’t funny. Rape isn’t funny.


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