Protecting Children can be a Difficult Thing…

This article that I first read just a few minutes ago, has left me pondering how far should people go to protect the innocent. In this case, a father kills the abuser of his four year old child.

On the one hand of course, anyone would expect a father to protect his child. On the other hand though, killing a person is the worst punishment anyone could ever get. The man son’t be charged with murder, according to the article, but killing another person is a thing that should never be done except in extreme circumstances.

I can only hope the child didn’t witness this attack on the abuser, and I hope the father and child can work out a way to understand the whole mad event. I don’t know how you’d explain it, but killing is killing, abuse is abuse, and yes, children should always be protected until they are old enough to protect themselves.

This link has more information about this case. Personally, I feel the father has gone too far. Killing a person surely is going too far.. Do you agree?

I’m interested to  know how other people feel about this terrible thing.


2 thoughts on “Protecting Children can be a Difficult Thing…

  1. Firstly, the father apparently did not intend to kill the man. Secondly, what if the abuser had been a woman? Would we be saying, “She deserved it” and would the father still be free?
    Thirdly, does punishing the father help the victim?

  2. These are all interesting points Terry. But any reasonable person should surely realise that bashing someone on the head repeatedly with something solid is going to at least damage them. We weren’t there and can’t know what was really happening.
    I don’t think it should be different if it had been a woman abusing the child, if it was actually abuse that was occurring.
    I certainly don’t agree with the people who are saying this man deserved to die. I don’t agree with killing people as a good way to solve a problem, I never agree that is a good thing to do.
    I can’t help wondering if race has any part in this whole thing…

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