What Are We Doing To Our Children?

I was at a Tupperware Party earlier today, with some other women, almost all of whom were mothers. There was a little girl there of perhaps four years of age. She was dressed nicely and appropriately, and seeing her there prompted a conversation about the sorts of clothes some little girls were.

This dear child looked like a little girl, not a junior slut, and we commended her mother for the way her daughter was dressed. So many girls who are certainly under the age of sixteen dress like they’re whores, putting their body ‘out there’. I’m the mother of a son, not a daughter, but I’d like to think if my boy had been a girl, I would have helped the child to stay a child for as long as possible.

Other mothers though have different ideas. I’m not saying children shouldn’t be allowed to get involved in what to wear, but I question the thoughts and motives of parents who buy inappropriate clothing for their children to choose from. Let children be children, that’s what I think.

If you have thoughts on this subject, I’d love you to get involved in this discussion!



2 thoughts on “What Are We Doing To Our Children?

  1. SO good to see you here again!

    Oh Boy do I have thoughts….

    I agree with you. I think we have done a couple of things in our culture that relate to this:

    We give our kids too much power and choice. They are just kids. Mine is just 14. Each year we give him both more freedom and more responsibility. BUT we are always the boss. Kids need to know that there are boundaries. Especially as the teen years hit: they go koo-koo: they need to know we are there to say Yes or No and that it is real.

    I also think the sexualization of young girls is wrong wrong wrong. I am a feminist. WOMEN get to choose how they dress. Girls need to be little girls for as long as possible. It is up to us to give them not just guidance but also a childhood.

    Our son will be going on to high school next year and the school has a dress code. I like that. He will have some freedom: it is not a uniform per se. BUT he will not be sucked into the abyss of outside appearances as much as he would be in other schools. I know he will still be in the world BUT at school at least he will have some room for self expression WITH guidelines. they encourage self expression more in the arts etc.

    This is a GREAT topic and WELCOME back!

    XO Jen

  2. Thank you so much Jen, I’m trying to get back into my blogs, but I’m soooo easily distracted by Facebook! Kids certainly have far too much power these days – parents seem to have forgotten what it means to be a parent. Parents don’t have to be best friends with their kids, they have to be the ones who set the boundaries and are there when their kids stretch the boundaries too far.

    I think kids go wild and wrong when the boundaries are weak or just aren’t there. I was a dog breeder for over twenty years, and I did that before I became a mother. Dogs are the same as kids – if they don’t understand what they’re allowed to do, they’ll do the wrong thing and won’t understand why you’re upset with them.

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