Queensland is Keeping an Eye on Offenders


This link shows how effective new procedures are in keeping an eye on known child sex offenders in the Queensland community. The new GPS system in use is monitored 24/7 by an increasing number of people, at a secret building.

Selected high risk sex offenders on community supervision orders are fitted with GPS trackers so the authorities can keep an eye on them, and intervene if the offenders are deemed to be doing untoward things. Such things may include getting together with other offenders.

This way of looking at the issue of keeping the community safe seems to me to be a good one, I wonder if such things are being considered in other states in Australia? There is a strong need for safety, but also a need for civil liberties for all, if they show they can responsibly live ‘in the real world’, away from prison.

Children are a precious resource, and must be kept safe whenever possible. Children have civil liberty issues too, of course, and must be allowed to find out about life so they can gain the life skills they need. This isn’t a simple issue, and it’s good to see the Queensland government seems to be taking a more complex way to deal with a problem.

It can’t prevent abuse occurring completely, but it makes it more difficult for offenders to re-offend, and that has to be at least a slight relief. What do others think?


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