Convicted Sex Offender Offers to Pay Compensation

Malcolm Fox, who was last year found guilty four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, has, after previously refusing to pay compensation to his victim, now made an offer to pay.

Fox is the husband of well known and loved children’s author, Mem Fox and father of South Australian State politician Chloe Fox. The victim of this crime, a man known as ‘Craig’ has suffered for years since these crimes occurred in 1984 and 1985, and has been receiving help for psychological injuries he suffered as a result of the abuse.

Fox’s victim is said to have accepted an offer for out-of-court compensation from Fox and the State. This seems to be far from ideal, but at least the victim has received something to help with the costs he has had since being abused by this man.

I am disgusted at what Fox has done to one of his students. A teacher owes  a duty of care to the young people he came into contact with whilst a teacher. Students should never have to fear their teacher, and should certainly never be abused by them.




6 thoughts on “Convicted Sex Offender Offers to Pay Compensation

  1. Well I hope Mr Mem Fox noiw gets sued by the victim. This low life continues to press his innocence…………yet, he with drew his appeal and now he has settled the Victims of Crime compensation. I know if I was innocent I would never not appeal if I was wrogly found guilty and I would certainly not be paying one cent of my hard earned money for something I did not do. THis slimeball is as guilty as hell and something serious needs tro be done to wipe the smile from his dial. Pack his bags Mem.

    1. Whenever I’ve seen Mem Fox walking away from the courts building, she’s had a terribly pained look on her face, while her husband Malcolm has had an awful smile on his face.
      I’d love to know her thoughts on this terrible thing he’s brought into their lives.

  2. “One of the loveliest of these affirmations was from a Swedish pre-school teacher who told me that children in Sweden are not encouraged into long-day child-care until they can toddle or walk, so that if they want to, they can literally ‘walk away’ from any situation that distresses them.”

    From the blog of Mem Fox off her site…………..I hope her grandchild can run……….This convicted child sex offender should not be allowed to look after a two year old.

  3. This is not an isolated case coming out of Flinders University and the old Sturt CAE. Mr Fox is only one of many who have ruled via good marks in return for a head job. They even call their victims “delicious”. A case of metaphoric cannibalism for they consumed their victims in the process.

    1. They consume their victim and society spits the victims out as spoiled goods, blaming the victim, and the offender goes free to consume the next young thing. These things happen now, and have happened for a long, long time. I can’t see this ending any time soon. The current Royal Commission may go some way toward helping and healing, but with the current government in power, I don’t hold out much hope …

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