Days don’t always go how you think they will

I went to the Forget Me Knot Day event as mentioned in my last blog post. I was right about many things, but it certainly didn’t all go how I thought it would.

The day did have all of the great things I wrote about previously, and there was much love and friendship. Really, the only downer for the day was that it went over time.

This meant that by time the last act was on, there weren’t many people left. The bowling club members had begun setting up the venue for another event being held later.

This happens I guess, when you have an event with lots happening. I saw and heard many exciting things on the day. One of the highlights for me was Freda Briggs, who spoke about how she got involved in working to help abused children. She is an amazing woman, that’s for sure.

So the day was successful and fun. It’s just a shame I was the last person appearing…


14 thoughts on “Days don’t always go how you think they will

    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts Sarah.

      The day was a learning experience for me, my first ‘gig’ out on my own. I was ready for whatever happened, and accepted the circumstances in a pleasant way. The organiser was apologetic, and was more than willing to buy a copy of my poetry collection, so, I got my only sale for the day!

      I’ll take my new knowledge with me the next time I go out there and with luck, it will give me a better opportunity to share my words. Putting in the effort on the day was a great learning experience, I’ve proven that I can do it, so it was a big win for me!

  1. I remember you spoke to me about this. Really the organisers should have put more thought into how long each act would last and make sure people stick to the time they were allocated. But glad you had a good time , and hey! I met Sarah through your blog

    1. The event went well, all involved learnt things, I feel. Every experience is a chance to learn. And meeting Sarah through my blog is a great thing, and my not have happened if I hadn’t written this blog post.

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