My Damaged Child Story

I’m heartened by the kind regards from people who have read my poetry collection. I am glad they have been helped by reading my words.

I wish to eventually take my poetry to other troubled people in the hope of helping them find a more peaceful place to be. Being abused is a terrible thing, but being abused by people who should be taking care of you is surely one of the most awful things that can happen to a young person.

I’m lucky in that the man who abused me when I was a child wasn’t actually a relative. I called him uncle, as all of the children who knew him did, but he was simply a man who boarded with my grandmother. I found some peace when I first wrote a poem about my experience, and named him.

He is long gone now, and I certainly don’t mourn him. I suspect there was  no-one much at all who was sorry when this man died. He had been a drinker at his local hotel, but I think that was the extent of his socialising, apart from taking part in family things my grandmother held or attended.

I disliked the man, and I know my mother didn’t like him either. She told me recently that she thought my female cousins may have had something not nice happen with Les as well, but she wasn’t sure about the details.

I know this man was estranged from his family. He was a help to my grandmother, doing handyman type things when he wasn’t at the hotel drinking. I have no idea whether my grandmother had any idea about these nasty things her boarder did. It’s too late now, he’s dead, she’s dead.

I’m a survivor, and I wish the same for other victims of child sexual abuse. I firmly believe creative writing made all the difference for me. I am available to assist others who wish to explore this.

email me.


5 thoughts on “My Damaged Child Story

  1. i thought i had replied to this; your story is certainly an affirmative, empowering one as your ms poems no doubt will be as well

  2. Thank you John. Sometimes I wonder whether I’m going about things properly, but when I consider my life and compare it with some others, I can see I’m going along nicely.
    Life has challenges, I rise to meet them, life continues. It’s the way it is. I can look at my days and find something to smile about for every one of them.

  3. Dear GD, I left a comment on the purchase page. I look forward to reading your Poetry! Do you and I have a friend in common in Australia? If so, the book could come to the states after the holidays with Aunt Deb. Does this make sense???

    xxx Jen

    1. I don’t know if we have friends in common. My name is Carolyn Cordon, I live in South Australia, about 60km north of Adelaide. If you know anyone in South Australia, we could organise something. Otherwise, I’ll find out how much postage to you would cost. Let me know Jen, and it will happen, love to you sweetheart!

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