A New Friend

I’ve had a lovely time this morning, having coffee, nibble and chat with a new friend who is shaping up to being an important friend. I have my health issues, and K has her health issues, we spoke in passing about those, but Art and our own Art Therapy was the main topic for the morning.

K is a wonderful artist and shared some of her drawings with me. I’d never seen any of her drawing before and I was blown away by the gentle loveliness of her images. They were coloured with pencils and spoke of much talent. I wish I was able to so something similar, but visual arts aren’t my skill, I’m better with words.

I hope this friendship will continue, I feel the need to travel down roads that are new to me, and having coffee and chats with K will take me down that different road. We have things in common, but also each have new thoughts and ideas to offer the other. Surely, that is part of what a new friendship can/should be.

There is no way to know before time where this friendship may go, but I’m glad I took the chance and followed up on the coffee invitation. I know more about K, and I know more about K’s illness now than I knew before.

My health issues are physical ones mostly, relating to Multiple Sclerosis. K’s health issues are mental health ones mostly, relating to Schizophrenia, but the way we connected today was wonderful. I feel I was with someone who understood me. I hope K felt the same way about me.

Mental Health is a subject that can be frightening to many people, I want to know more and understand it better. The main thing I can take from my coffee and chat this morning is that K is a person, first and foremost, a person. I am a person, K is a person and that’s the most important thing.

We are just people, living our lives as best we can. We’re not scary or dangerous, we’re just people. Take that thought away and apply it to everyone you meet. The most important thing is that they are people, just like you and me.



2 thoughts on “A New Friend

  1. it sounds like you had a wonderful time; it is laways refreshing to meet new people and having coffee with them is a good way for both people to open up. may it prove a beneficial friendship

  2. Thanks John. K and I met a few weeks ago at the SA Writers Centre, and we live close enough together to meet up for coffee. It was interesting and it was fun, you can’t really ask for any better than that.

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