Poem read at Poetry Slam

I read one of the poems from my poetry collection ‘damaged children Precious Gems’. I wasn’t expecting to win, and I didn’t.

What I did get were some positive comments, so that felt good. I took the opporthunity and dedicated the poem to Mem Foxs’ husband. People there  last understood the meaning of what I’d done.

The title of the poem is ‘Policeman, Preacher, Primary School Teacher’. I enjoyed reading it, but didn’t score very highly. I didn’t get a high score, but I did spread my message highlighting the horrors of child sexual abuse. That’s what really mattersl



5 thoughts on “Poem read at Poetry Slam

    1. Way to go! It is hard to Spit at a Slam! Congratulations! Our home town team, Slam Nuba, just won nationals in Boston. They are very political and passionate and not the usual shoe in. Denver Poets are feeling proud! They are on YouTube; chain gang is one of my
      Really, you WON by stepping up! That is Gold, Baby! Very inspiring. I would also like to see the poem.

  1. Awesome site you got here, precious gems indeed. I have two and there are everything to me. A great video to watch is:

    Hope u have time 4 it.

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