A Poem that May or May Not be Relevant

In Season

When a bitch is ready

she presents herself

tail twisted out of the way

legs braced

the male dog may sniff

snuffle sweet nothings

in her ears

sniff again, then mount

or he may snuffle some more

sniff some more

go pee somewhere

and try again from a different angle

the bitch may raise

metaphorical eyebrows

twist her tail further out of the way

and redirect the errant male

legs braced,



and still waiting

for him to figure out

what she has known

from the very moment

her body said, ‘Now!’

I have been present and/or assisted at many dog matings, having been a dog breeder for many years. The process can be frustrating, fruitful, sweet, irritating, disturbing, fun, hilarious and many things in between. Animals though are more in tune with their bodies, girls and boys usually come to some kind of agreement, but there is still rape at times, even with dogs. On occasion I have felt like the accomplice.


3 thoughts on “A Poem that May or May Not be Relevant

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot in recent years about sexual abuse. Writing the poems and putting the collection together has been healing, but it’s certainly got me thinking about life in different ways.
    My husband and I have been dog breeders for over twenty years, and sometimes the bitch we wanted to have puppies from wasn’t as keen on the whole thing as we were. Those sorts of thoughts prompted this poem.

    thanks for your input Annabel

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