Some sobering statistics

Figure 2. Percentage breakdown of primary substantiated maltreatment types in Australia in 2009-10: Emotional abuse 37%, Neglect 28.7%, Physical abuse 22%, Sexual abouse 12.7%


Boys in Australia are more likely than girls to be the victim of physical abuse, while in the Northern Territory and the ACT girls were three times more likely to be victims of sexual abuse than boys, based on statistics from the 2009/10 year.

Notifications of child abuse most commonly comes from these bodies: police, hospitals and health centres, and school personnel. Workers in these organisations are required/mandated to report the abuse if they suspect it has occurred. This applies to all workers, whether paid or volunteers.

Also, anyone who sees or suspects child abuse can report this to the child protection authorities in their state, even if they don’t work in the mentioned occupations. It is or should be a requirement of all good members of society to do this.

Children can’t look after themselves, and if the people who should be looking after them aren’t doing it, it’s us to us to help them get the care they  need and deserve.



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