Tell your story and heal yourself

I’m currently reading a book about resilience and there are many words there about the importance of sharing stories. Hiding the truth from others and yourself causes a person inward damage. Telling your story legitimises it and is a healing thing. Denying the stories of sufferers is a long standing ploy by the powerful to keep down the weak. Take that how you will.

The book is titled Resilience and was written by Boris Cyrulnik, translated by David Macey. I’m getting an awful lot of good stuff from this book. It’s given me satisfaction that my idea that my creative writing and sharing my personal story of the bad things in my life has been good for me is true.

Keeping things shut away doesn’t help, nor does accepting the societal ideas on things. Society is often responsible for blocking people from the accepted discourse. Think about it yourself – we’re often handed uplifting stories of heroes when the actual story is kept in the dark. Nazi Germany did, Russia has done it, colonial history of many nations including Australia has done it.

How many sexually abused children are said to have been acting in a provocative manner and brought the abuse upon themselves and so in some way deserved what happened to them. If those children are never given the chance to tell their story to others they may never be able to find a place of acceptance for themselves, within themselves.

There are many stories of the disenfranchised that are never heard, because s0meone else has another story they want us to believe. Do yourself a favour, tell your story, share it with someone who is willing to believe what you say. Don’t be surprised though at not being believed. S0me people only want to hear what makes them feel comfortable. True life has many uncomfortable stories. Telling them and accepting them will help to make you more powerful inside.


One thought on “Tell your story and heal yourself

  1. Sharing your story though can be a dangerous thing. Take care who you share with, and be prepared for what may occur. Take heart though, your story is yours. It belongs to you and if others don’t want to hear it, it doesn’t invalidate the truth of your story.

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