Stages in the Journey

I’ve been thinking about stages in Life Journeys recently. Putting together my poetry collection, ‘damaged children Precious Gems’ was an exercise in plotting my linear journey, and writing the poems that make up the collection made me consider stages I was at before and where I was later.

I think this may be like the stages in grief – with grief you go through – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance

This makes interesting reading, and if you’re facing the death of someone important to you, reading the words may help you. Each person goes through these stages if they are to reach some kind of peaceful place. We all go through the stages in our own way though and at our own pace.

The same could be said of dealing with any bad major life experience. Child abuse is certainly one of those. The thing that prompted this blog post was me thinking about two short stories I wrote many, many years ago. I wrote the first of these stories in a huge rush and once I was finished and re-read my words, I could hardly believe I had written the story. ‘Georgie Porgie’ is no sweet nursery rhyme, it’s a tale of child abuse and death. Not nice. Writing the words though, that was so cathartic!

I’d finally been able to write out words where the abused child gets revenge on the abuser. The child was the winner! The story outlines the price to be paid though, there’s always a price to be paid. In the story, the price was worth it.

The other story was written more recently, but still more than six years ago. In this story, ‘Real Life’, the protagonist is a teenager on the run from the law. She has dealt with her boss, a man who sexually abused her. The story doesn’t spell out exactly how she actually ‘dealt with’ the man, but it’s obvious it wasn’t pretty!

Thinking about the two stories now, I can see when I wrote them I was at a stage in my journey where I was playing with the idea of revenge. Both of the stories are about dealing with the ‘bad guy’ in quite vicious ways. I am not a vicious person, but writing the stories gave me a huge amount of joy. I think these two stories are good stories – one of them was awarded a prize in a short story competition, and the other one made a huge impression on the only person I’ve shared it with.

I wouldn’t write these stories now though. I am at a quite different stage now. I’ve gone past anger, bargaining, depression. I am now in the acceptance stage, acceptance and also reaching out to help others. My creative writing has been good for me, my life now is calm and I feel at peace with the things life has given to me.

I may publish these stories on this website it anyone indicates they would like to read them.

I hope people who read these words are able to make their own way through the stages, and arrive at a serene stage of their personal journey.


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