Statistics on sexual abuse experienced by women

It is said one in three women in Australia have experienced sexual abuse. Some people find it hard to believe that statistic, others have no trouble at all believing it. I’d like to know what other people think about it.

Please give your answer to my super short poll, and feel free to  leave a comment too.


2 thoughts on “Statistics on sexual abuse experienced by women

  1. To my knowledge, the statistic you have quoted is for Child Sexual Assault, not Sexual Assault across the whole of life. If you are talking about the whole of life, then the numbers have to be much higher.
    I said no to being sexually assaulted because my own experience is very difficult to define and occurred when I was an adult. However, the experience left me feeling intensely dirty and foolish to the point that my mind suppressed the memory for several years. I shared the details for the first time with my husband after waking in tears one morning with the memory flooding back.

  2. Thank you for sharing. One of the poems in my collection is titled Repressed Memory Syndrome. It is written in third person, but the person in the poem is almost entirely me. I have other poems in the collection that refers to hidden memories. We hide things because we dare not look at them perhaps.

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