Getting Close to Book Launch

As I write this post it’s Tuesday the 25th of July. On Sunday the 31st of July, my first poetry collection will be launched. ‘damaged children Precious Gems’ is more than just a collection of poems I have written. This collection is a collection of my healing journey. I was a victim of Child Sexual Abuse, I am now a survivor.

Writing creatively is a way to examine things from your past, look at them from various different angles and come up with coping attitudes toward your life events. I have written short stories relating to Child Sex Abuse, two in particular that I consider to be empowering and funny. The stories haven’t been read by many other people, but those who have read them felt them to be good stories. I may post the stories to this blog at a later date. The stories indicate the stage I was at when I wrote them – I was beginning to feel righteous anger toward the abusers, and the bad guys met nasty ends. Now I wouldn’t right those words because I am at a far more peaceful stage. The words were right for me at that time though.

Back to my book launch – I am collecting together people to come along to my launch so that there will be lots of people there who know and love me. This is important for me because some of the material in my collection is deeply personal. I am putting it out there for others to read, hoping the words may bring comfort to myself and others at the same time. Having family and friends there on the day will be my support in case I need it.

Writing about things was the best therapy I could have had. I will always believe in the wonderful therapeutic powers of creative writing, and I hope at some stage to help other people to find comfort and healing through their written words.

I welcome anyone interested in my words, or in the broader subject of Child Abuse and how victims can be helped to come along to the Prince Albert Hotel in Gawler at 2.oopm on Sunday 31st July. I will have copies of my book for sale, and part proceeds of every book sold will go to the group ASCA – Adults Surviving Child Abuse. They are a fine group who help many people all around Australia.


2 thoughts on “Getting Close to Book Launch

  1. Well, done Carolyn. My positive and healing thoughts will be flying with great speed to you, knowing that you will walk tall and strong amidst the moving carousel of emotions.

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