What’s up with Bob Ellis?

I’ve been reading and listening to the current Bob Ellis/sexual abuse/feminist ranting. I’m with John Birmingham on this one. John says many things that echo my thoughts.

I remember seeing Bob Ellis at the SA Writers Week one year, and I got a little excited to be sitting on the grass close to one of the greats. As I watched him scrabble around searching for pen and paper, then scratching out a couple of words, I began to see him as another mere mortal, someone who can be ignored if you want to.

Reading his current thoughts on sexual abuse versus harmless male stuff, I realise he is not harmless. He has a voice that is listened to, and he says things that are easily latched onto by those who are yet to become intelligent enough to realise the folly of his words.

Sexual abuse is wrong and No means No. These simple truths are lost in Bob Ellis’s confusion of words and names and off topic ramblings. So I say, go John Birmingham, continue ranting so that the real truth will be considered by as many as possible.

This is my little rant, I will now go and do the washing, like a good housewife!


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