A call to my friends who write creatively

I re-read a poem written by a Facebook friend today. I read it again because she asked me what I thought of the poem, after reminding me I never said anything about it initially.

I think now the reason I didn’t say anything first was because it touched me deeply. I was unsure about what to say, but I considered the question better this time and was able to make a proper response to this lovely person.

When someone shares their deepest thoughts with you it seems to be the right thing to reply to them as best you can. The reason this seems so important to me now is that I am going to be putting out some personal thoughts in the form of poems.

This poetry collection is deeply personal to me. It connects with some of the darkest things that have happened to me in my life. I have put a lot of my inner thoughts into this project, and I want it to be an uplifting thing for those who read my words. I am not a trained counsellor (yet), but I am a caring and empathetic person who thinks deeply on issues that are important to me.

Writing the poems that make up this poetry collection, ‘damaged children, Precious Gems’, has been my personal therapy. I am very interested to hear from other people who have found their creative writing to be therapeutic. If this is true for you, please leave a message here, or on Facebook, or send me an email on jeebers@bigpond.com

Thank you friends,



2 thoughts on “A call to my friends who write creatively

  1. Thank you Carolyn. The hardest part I have done is share my work. When you asked to read one of my works I was scared. I started re-reading some of the stuff I had written. There is relief that I no longer feel that saddened or hopeless in my life any more. I can not express how much writing helped me.
    I used to see a pysch for my depression (PTSD also from my childhood) and one thing they try and get you to do is write about what happened in your life that was upsetting and then read it out again and again til it no longer upsets you. I can’t do that yet however poetry is my way of talking about how I feel which is just as important as dealing with what happened.
    Thank you for reminding me how much writing / drawing means to me.
    *big hugs*

  2. Thank you for this comment. I know how you feel, and I send you a huge hug. I hope that soon we’ll catch up for real and I can give you a proper hug.

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