A poem that shows I have moved somewhere better

June 25, 2011


My ordinary life becomes
less and less
ordinary as I contemplate
the birds, the clouds
and the stars.

My life merges
with everything else
and I realise
I am not ordinary,
I am special.

As special as the clouds,
each one different,
as special as the birds,
chattering in a tongue
I cannot decipher.

As special as the stars
that we look up to
and that look down on us
from a great distance
in time and space.

We are all special,
we are, none of us,
ordinary. Embrace
all that is special
in yourself and in
everything around you.

I am special,
you are special,
we are all special.


2 Responses to “A poem that shows I have moved somewhere better”

  1. gardendog said

    Thank you John. I may read this one today at the Gawler Poetry Readings.

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